This weekend, Emily, her friend Abigail and I went to John and Sherry’s booksigning at the Palo Alto West Elm.  Needless to say, we were more than a little stoked.


Yes, some photobombing did take place

In preparation for the signing, we did the Macklemore Thrift Shop Challenge.  We tried on huge fur coats, a few odd hats and one hideously fabulous neon pink housecoat.  At the end though, we came away with 3 matching white ceramic mugs for the YHL crew to sign.  Sherry seemed very excited about our mugs, mostly that we had picked them up at a thrift store since they could have easily fit in amongst all of the great West Elm decor.


Books and mugs signed, photo taken, done.  All in all it was pretty exciting for 3 huge YHL fans such as ourselves.  They were the first blog I started following, and part of what really got me interested in starting this little ol’ blog.  Thanks for the inspiration guys!

YHL book and mug

The book and mug in their official home, in the office at our house.  We had a great time, acting like giddy teenage girls meeting our “celebrities”.  They were just a lovely and funny as I imagined they would be (John even asked if we had found a “big ass coat” which made us all giggle).  Great day meeting my blogging idols.  Thanks John & Sherry!  THG