Hi everybody!

After a much, MUCH needed rest, I am back.

First things first, I want to thank everyone for their support and good thoughts after my diagnosis. It’s been really heartwarming to know I have so many wonderful people in my corner, and I have definitely been keeping all of you in mind while I make my way through getting healthy again. I will be perfectly honest, the past two months have been a huge struggle. I had a much stronger reaction to the anti-seizure medication than I expected, and spent the first month struggling with bad tremors, balance issues, and exhaustion. I was having memory retention issues (makes sense, considering the part of my brain that is most affected by the epilepsy), and even had bouts of stuttering and stammering due to medication side effects. Work was difficult during all this, as I struggled with having the energy just to get through the day. But, it seems the worst of it has passed now. I still have occasional tremors (mostly when I am really tired or stressed), and my energy is not 100% back, but I finally feel like I have some control over my body now. I took a much longer break from the blog than I expected, but I decided that focusing on my health was my #1 priority, and I knew that you would all understand that. So, now that I am beginning to feel back to normal, I will be easing my way back into the blog. I’ve really missed you all.

So, as my first post back from my medical leave, I am going to switch it up a bit. My darling friend Emily has nominated me for a Liebster Award. You like me, right now you really like me!


What is a Liebster Award, you ask? It’s a bit of a blogger chain letter. The blogger that nominates you posts 11 questions for you to answer on your blog. THEN, you post 11 questions and invite 5 blogger friends to answer. It’s great fun, and a lovely way to get to know others throughout the blogger community. So, without further ado, bring on the Liebster!


1. What is your nickname? I have about a million; Jillie, Jay, J-Bird, the Bird (mainly my aunt), Scully (high school nickname), X Files (college nickname), Ladybug (camp counselor name). But, since Emily was the one that posted this question, I will also add Scullybug, a special nickname created for me by Em herself when we were 14. Love you Moemar.

2. If you could live in another era (past or future), which would it be and why? I have always had a huge connection to the 1920s and 1930s; I love the music, the clothing, the art, the culture, everything (well, except the Depression, though I do find it historically fascinating). Anyone who’s known me longer than about 15 minutes knows that I am inexplicably drawn to this period of time.

3. What would your superhero power be? I can never decide between flying and invisibility. Today, let’s go with flying.

4. Where is your favorite place to get away? The coastal redwoods, up near Oregon. I went camping there as a kid with my family and loved it so much, Shawn and I went there again for our honeymoon. So beautiful and serene.

5. What drew you to blogging? You know, not one particular thing. I was interested after talking about it with Emily, but it took me awhile before I decided exactly what it was I wanted to blog about. I finally decided to do a food blog when I realized just how much time and energy I put into food, cooking, recipe experimentation, and eating.

6. Which school subject was your favorite? Well, besides theatre, probably a toss up between English and history, especially world history and California history. I like any subject that involves some level of storytelling.

7. The five phone apps I couldn’t live without are … (In no particular order) Pandora, Instagram, Facebook, Food Network Recipes, and Candy Crush. I am SO addicted to that game.

8. What is your favorite movie? Seriously, Em? This is a really intense subject for me. I am a rapid movie buff, and I have tiers of favorite movies, based on time period, genre, writing, acting talent … but, if I have to name only one, my go-to is “An American in Paris.” One of the few truly perfect films in existence. Watch it. Watch it now.

9. Who would you most want to have dinner with tonight? My husband, of course, but, if I could pick anyone alive, I would probably have to say Stephen Sondheim. Only because I feel like I really need to meet him, and if it means inviting him to Wednesday night dinner, then so be it.

10. What do you like on your sandwich? Sourdough bread, Dijon mustard, fresh turkey, tomato, dill pickle, and green bell pepper, with a little oil and vinegar. Delicious.

11. Who are your blog idols? John and Sherry, naturally. Helene, Aran, and of course, Miss Emily herself. But Em’s been one of my great inspirations and role models for almost 18 years now.


1. You can only eat one food for the rest of your life. All health and allergies aside, what do you eat?

2. What is the one book you can read over and over?

3. What are your top-three must read blogs?

4. What celebrity do you look the most like?

5. What is your favorite article of clothing in your closet?

6. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

7. Who would be at your dream dinner party (dead or alive)?

8. What was the last thing you ate?

9. What is your favorite flower?

10. If you could go back to school and major in any subject you want, what would it be and why?

11. What would you consider your “signature color?”


1. Kat from Mekatsu Mekatsu

2. Andrea from Tomato Tango

3. Karista from Karista’s Kitchen

4. Kristianne from My San Francisco Kitchen

5. Rachel Fawkes from FawkesHunter

  • http://firewifey.com Megan

    I love it! Great answers. And welcome back. :)

    Have you watched “prohibition” by Ken Burns?

    • http://thehumblegourmet.wordpress.com thehumblegourmet

      Thanks Megan!
      And yes, I have watches it. I love Ken Burns.

  • http://twitter.com/sparklemeetspop Emily West (@sparklemeetspop)

    Aw, you’re so sweet for all the shout outs :)