Happy Monday everyone!
Welcome to my new weekly post: Monday Coffee Break. Just a look at some of the links I came across this past week, everything from recipes to movies to literature to yes, celebrity gossip. Take a gander and have a great week!

Adrianna at A Cozy Kitchen has started a great new post series where she visits different restaurants and bakeries and learns the secrets to their signature dishes. Her first post in the series was a particularly personal visit.
Pajiba has ranked our top 10 irrational fears stemmed from horror movies. I know I myself am guilty of #5 on occasion.
Pleated Jeans has compiled a list of book titles with one letter missing. I don’t know about you, but “The Princess Brie” sounds like a page-turner.
Read this list of the most perfectly timed Internet moments. Giggles will abound.

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    Great links–I’ll definitely be checking them out!