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Hello friends!

I have a new post up on Newlywife talking all about fad dieting.  Do you go for fad diets?  Which ones do you go for?  Do you know people used to take tapeworm pills (grossout!)?

Add your feedback at Newlywife today!


New Post Up on Newlywife!

Hey friends!

Check out my new post today on Newlywife, the lovely blog written by Emily and Megan, cousins who both married Matts.  I have become a regular contributor to their blog, so you can check in every month for new posts by The Humble Gourmet.  Check it out!

This month’s post is about making your own version of grocery store staples.

Contributing Post at Newlywife

Hello friends! 

I was recently asked by the lovely Emily and Megan of Newlywife to become a guest contributor. Yay!

Newlywife, for those of you who haven’t yet visited, is written by Emily and Megan.  They are cousins, both married to guys named Matt, who are navigating their way through the first few years of marriage.  Every type of topic is covered: finances, home décor, relationship, life’s difficulties and its triumphs.  It’s a really great blog, funny and insightful and lovely.  I’ve known Megan since we were kids, we danced at the same school as children.  Emily and I however have been joined at the hip since age 11.  She’s the best in the world, truly. 

I will be posting once a month on various food/marriage related topics.  For my inaugural post, I’ve written about how to being cooking and meal planning for separate tastes.  Any omnivores out there married to vegetarians?  This post will be helpful for you. 

So come by Newlywife today and read all about cooking!  And marriage!  And say hi to Emily and Megan while you’re at it!  THG