Monday Morning Coffee Break

Coffee Break


Good morning!  Hope everyone had a nice weekend.  We spent our time relaxing, doing a little work on the house.  Blog Brunch on Sunday with Nichole and Emily, chicken pot pie and “Rosemary’s Baby” that night with my love.  Just an easy weekend to lead into a busy week.  Find a little time today to check out these links:


Professional chefs give their advice for the best cookbooks to cook your way through, cover to cover.

Speaking of cooking, this Halloween recipe for a jar of brains will simultaneously gross you out and have you wanting to give it a try.

On a different note, did you know these movies are based on books?

Speaking of movies, here’s a little sneak peek article about Pixar’s next movie, Inside Out.

One last movie link: Twitter was playing a game of “Add A Word, Ruin a Movie,” which I just had to participate in.  My best?  “Clockwork Orange Julius.”

And on a final note, check out these incredible photographs of soldiers before, during, and after their tours.

Monday Morning Coffee Break

Coffee Break


Good morning!  Hope all of your weekends went swimmingly.  We spent our time relaxing and indulging on our new Breaking Bad addiction (seriously, cannot stop watching!)  In the meantime, spend your morning perusing these interesting little corners of the Internet:

Jennifer at The Craft Patch has been testing out popular Pinterest tutorials to mixed results.

This brief history on the banana is fascinating.

Ever intimidated by strange cooking terms?  This post breaks them all down for you.  So butterfly/braise/render away!